President:  Ms. Darlene M. Urquhart

Extensive experience leading in highly demanding and stressful environments, coupled with extensive and ongoing research in the fields of executive coaching and leadership, have led me to the conclusion that externally imposed individual/organizational solutions rarely have sticking power and rarely effect the deep change that is required to take the individual/organization to a new level.  Over time, these typically consultant-based, externally imposed solutions are often relegated to the flavor of the month and leave individuals and organizations in the same or worse shape than before initiation of the intervention.  Given this worldview, DG is premised on the belief that you, the client, have your own answers. Therefore, the goal of DG is to facilitate your finding of your own solutions.

I have over 32 years of broad-based experience in leading hi-OPTEMPO and high visibility organizations. As a leader, I have both practice and theoretically based knowledge and experience with respect to the stressors and demands that leaders face while leading in globalized, multi-generational, and rapidly changing environments and am able to leverage those experiences and knowledge to co-create solutions for DG clients.  As a retired Army officer, I have unique insights into leading in the DoD environment, as well as, knowledge of the unique challenges of military members in transition (promotion and retirement).

On a more personal level, as part of the investment in self, I embody lifelong learning.  I am an alumnus of North Carolina State University and Boston University with degrees in Business.  I completed Executive Coach Training at Georgetown University and am currently a doctoral candidate at the George Washington University's Executive Leadership Program studying in a more rigorous way leadership, change, culture, and learning as it applies to organizations and the individuals within.  In addition, I am an avid reader, reading across a broad spectrum of non-fiction literature.  I am currently a resident of Fredericksburg, VA and enjoy the uniqueness, small town atmosphere, warmth, and energy that the city has to offer.